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WoW Update for TBC Classic Beta - level cap now at level 68

Last night (March 29, 2021) the Blizzard developers released an update for the beta of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic. Not only have there been tons of bug fixes, the level cap has also been raised to level 68.

The latest message on the rollout from Blizzard reads: “The Burning Crusade Classic beta test has begun! Over the course of the test, we’ll be inviting opt-in beta testers and more to check out the upcoming Classic expansion and give us feedback.

The change was introduced through a boards publish on the Blizzard boards (through WoWHead) which, amongst different issues, introduced a bevy of bug fixes to the beta. The Burning Crusade Classic began its beta final week and gamers have flocked to the subsequent evolution of World of Warcraft Classic, to relive the MMO’s first growth, even when it is in a beta proper now.

Bug fixes in the BC Beta

Today's update of the beta server brought a new maximum level and bug fixes:

    The level cap has been increased to level 68 (previously 64).

Art and visual

    Fixed some bugs with lighting and fog effects.
    Some areas in Outland lack detailed objects and leaves on the ground.
    Fixed a bug that allowed male trolls to have an invalid skin color option.
    A bug with the magic animations of the crust drills has been fixed.
    A bug with the Fel Reavers running animation has been fixed.


    Fixed a bug that caused the Area Effect Damage limit to not work properly.
    Level 58 Druid templates now also have the Teleport: Moon Glade ability.
    The Hunter's Inner Beast ability now works properly.
    The Paladin ability Seal of Blood now works correctly (primary damage effect is applied).
    The Paladin Ability of Pure Heart now correctly increases resistance to disease and curses.
    The priest ability Pain Suppression now correctly increases resistance to disenchantment.
    Shaman totems are now displayed in the buff bar.
    The Warrior Talent Gathering Powers will now trigger on immobility effects.


    Jewel Cutting - Cut gems will now show their attribute bonus.
    Tailoring - The crafting of magic cloth now requires you to be in Netherstorm.
    Filtered Draenic Water's tooltip now correctly indicates that level 60 is required to consume it.
    Fixed a bug that caused the use of thrown weapons not to affect their durability.
    Fixed a bug that caused some items sold by Haris Pilton to be incorrectly priced.


    The Prepare buff is now removed when starting Warsong Gulch.
    Fixed a bug that caused you to be transported directly to the "Journey to Honor Hold" quest.
    Fixed an issue where an Eye of the Citadel would appear below the world during the Warlord of the Bleeding Hollow quest.


    The signature for a guild creation is now requested from the targeted player.
    A bug has been fixed that was responsible for the fact that the user interface for the bank was displayed incorrectly and an unused row of bank slots was available.
    A bug has been fixed that was responsible for the fact that items with a restriction for classes also had a restriction for certain races in the tooltip.
    Fixed a bug that prevented the display from appearing on the world map that showed you the way after asking a city guard for a specific location.
    Fixed a bug that caused quest updates and messages to be explored to appear in red text.

known problems

    Some keys are removed from the key ring when relogging and placed in usable pocket slots.

So when more players do get to join the Burning Crusade beta, it should be a more pleasant experience.

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