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WoW’s Hogger will be the playable hero in the company’s Heroes of the Storm game

World Of Warcraft Classic Gold Blizzard has announced that the next hero to join the list of characters in Heroes of the Storm will be Hogger an iconic World of Warcraft character from “the old days”. The character was one of the first bosses hard to defeat in the Blizzard MMORPG still in the era of the World of Warcraft Classic. The new hero is now available on the game's Test Server. This means that players can already experience this “chaotic warrior” before officially arriving at the game.

The World of Warcraft character has been fitted in Heroes of the Storm as a mobile bruiser who specializes in heavy area damage. Some of his basic abilities include throwing a heap of trash that can act as terrain throwing dynamite swinging a long chain and uncontrollably spinning into the terrain and enemies.

Hogger's inclusion in Heroes of the Storm is more nostalgia driven compared to other heroes in the battle arena game simply because the gnoll chieftain was mainly designed in World of Warcraft to just be a tough enemy. There is likely not a deep emotional connection like players may have with other characters. Instead Hogger is more of a fun inclusion that harkens back to old memories of struggling with an early game enemy. Those foes tend to stick with gamers for a long time and that nostalgia will likely get Heroes of the Storm fans that played World of Warcraft to choose the Scourge of Elwynn when he joins the Nexus.

Hogger is meant to be in the thick of a fight doing lots of damage in an area. He can create his own terrain to set up advantages which makes him a chaotic brawler. However Cheap WoW Classic US Gold teams with sustained healing and knockback abilities can force him off an objective and prevent him from whittling their front line down.

Hogger is now playable on the game’s Public Test Realm until Nov. 30 when it will most likely be available for the live game. Check out the full range of abilities and other balance changes in the PTR patch notes.

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