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World of Warcraft veterans can now find each other again in time for Classic

For the World of Warcraft veterans out there looking to get back into game with the launch of WoW Classic, it seems like the perfect opportunity to find old friends, party members, and guildmates to once again take up the mantle of the Alliance or the Horde.While it does seem unlikely for old World of Warcraft buddies to reunite again after a decade-long lapse since the first expansion came out, Blizzard apparently has your back. With the introduction of a new forum tool called Classic Connections 2004-2006, veterans of the bygone days of World of Warcraft, before any of the expansions came out, now have the opportunity to find each other again on the Blizzard Forums.

With World of Warcraft Classic just around the corner—the final test is today—you might be wondering what happened to your first guildies, or where that orc who taught you the PvP ropes ended up. After nearly 15 years, there are probably a few pals you've lost touch with, and what better a time to reconnect than with the relaunch of vanilla WoW? In addition, if you are in need of Cheap World of Warcraft Classic Weapons Skills Boosting, you can visit our website 5mmo.com.

That's easier said than done if you just know an ancient character name, but Blizzard is trying to help players reconnect with its Classic Connections system. If you're trying to recapture that 2004-2006 magic, hop on over to the forums and find your pals. Essentially, it's like posting a missed connection ad, but broken down by faction, server type and realm. If you were an Alliance player looking to reconnect with your roleplaying buddies in Argent Dawn, there's a thread for you.

The forums are split many ways to make it as easy as possible to find who you want. Starting here you can go to Alliance or Horde sections, and from there you can pick what kind of game you played, whether it was Normal, PvP, RP, or RP-PvP. From there, players can pick the realm that they want to find players from, and do one of two things. First, it’s best to search (use ctrl+f or the Find in Page options in your browser) for any names or guilds you were going to look for, as they may have already posted. If you cannot find anyone this way, now you’ve got to start posting. You’re supposed to post as much as you can remember, which is ideally your character’s name, race, and class; your original guild in the realm, and the character names of the players you want to reconnect with.
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