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V4,the new class implementation

V4 Red Gems V4's new archer class has now arrived in Nexon's latest MMO. There will also be a series of events to celebrate her arrival too so you can expect a few easy to get rewards to be available.

To celebrate the arrival of the Archer players all across the globe can partake in amazing limited-time events including:


Check-In Event: Available from November 18th players can participate in a 14-day check-in event to earn support gear for the new Archer class with Brellan gear set Rare Mount Pet and Companion.
Mega Prime Time Event: The Mega Prime Time Event available from November 18th Buy V4 Red Gems allows players to support their character development with rewards increasing to max 500% EXP constant Prime Time.
Archer Update Celebration Event: Available from November 18th this event gives players 300% EXP potion Epic companion Shuryl and Demon stone when users reach a certain level.

"Archer" is a long-range attack type that attacks with a bow and arrow and is characterized by a short skill activation time and a quick attack. The quickness is top class among the long-range attack types.

"Sacred thing battle" is a new content of Lunatra (interserver) that can be played on a server-by-server basis. If you scramble for the sacred objects of other servers and place them on the altar of the server to which the captain belongs the buff effect will be applied to the entire server while holding it.

There will also be a couple of other additions to V4 alongside the update. A new area called the Anguished Forest will become available and the Beast's Void will receive a new Phantom Abyss Dungeon. Beyond that you'll find new gear slots Legendary Eldon Earrings and Epic Ring crafting recipes.

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