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Understanding how to strip the ball in Madden 21 is essential

A strong defense can prevent even the best offensive players from gaining yards or scoring touchdowns in Madden 21. Defenders can also turn the tides on the other team by forcing a fumble by stripping the ball from an opposing player. Understanding how to strip the ball is essential and can make the difference in a close game.

There are quite a few new defensive moves in Madden NFL 21, but striping the ball hasn't seen a big change. That being said, whether in simulation style games or the more arcade-like The Yard, causing a fumble is always exciting and important.

If you want to try and strip the ball in Madden 21 you will want to be hitting the RB/R1 button while you are on defense.
  •     Press RB on Xbox Controller
  •     Press R1 on PlayStation Controller

There are best times to try and strip the ball.  You’ll want to focus on stripping the ball when players are fighting for extra yards.  Players are more susceptible to fumbling when they are stood up, fighting for extra yards and not protecting the ball.

Offensive players will juke defenders in Madden 21 which makes them more vulnerable to fumbling the ball. You also use the hit stick by using the right stick (up or down) on Xbox and PlayStation to cause a fumble. If you are an offensive player sliding can save you from fumbling the ball.

That said, you can try and force a skill check of sorts instead of waiting for a random fumble to occur by going for a ball strip.To strip the ball as a defender, press R1 on PS4 or RB on Xbox One when you’re in tackling range of an offensive player with the ball.

Just because you do all this does not mean that you will get a fumble every time. Your defender can fail, and potentially remove himself out of position to get a tackle.

If there’s open space, the offensive player can then book it for some serious yards. In addition, you also run the risk of the defender missing and accidentally committing a face mask penalty.

So definitely be careful when choosing to strip the ball in Madden 21 and try to save it for opportunities where a stripped ball can really change the course of the game into a positive direction for you.

In some cases, it’s safer to tackle a player than attempting a poorly-timed strip. Knowing when to strip the ball can help you perform better in Madden 21, especially against opponents who know how to stiff arm or hurdle. Understanding how to strip the ball will also help you on offense since you’ll see when you’re most vulnerable to defenders.

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