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Uma Musume Pretty Derby is available now for Android and iOS devices in Japan

Cygames mobile title Uma Musume Pretty Derby finally released in Japan on February 24, 2021. Cygames planned to launch the title back in 2018, but continued to delay the game. The title is available now for Android and iOS devices in Japan.

Despite the fact that Cygames’ Uma Musume Pretty Derby is limited to Japan, it is one of the highest-grossing mobile games for April 2021. According to a chart from mobile app market intelligence company Sensor Tower, Uma Musume beat out games like Genshin Impact and Pokemon GO in monthly revenue.

The Uma Musume: Pretty Derby opening features the song “Girls’ Legend U.” Coupled with the animation, it is designed to set player’s expectations. There are horse-girls, training, foot races, and idol-style musical performances. The video also features characters from the anime and the game’s story mode like Special Week, Silence Suzuka, and Tokai Teio.

The game's concept begins with Uma Musume (Horse Girls), girls endowed with excellent running capability, and who aim to become top idols and compete in the national sports entertainment show "Twinkle Series." Players take the role of both teacher and trainer for the girls in the Nihon Uma Musume Training Center Gakuen (Japan Horse Girls Training Center Academy) and help them make their debut.

One thing that isn’t quite communicated as clearly by the Uma Musume: Pretty Derby animated opening is the game’s oddball premise, which is outlined in the first season of the anime. Uma Musume takes place in an alternate world in which the souls of famous real-life racehorses are reincarnated as horse-girls. They live to compete in footraces and occasionally sing on stage.

The Uma Musume Pretty Derby franchise's spinoff manga series Umayon also inspired its own television anime that premiered in July and ended on September 22.

In this gameplay, Uma Musume Pretty Derby Jewels are the important currency. Jewels are used to purchase gacha rolls, which is the only way to obtain the vast majority of characters and support cards in the game. Players can earn Jewels through completing daily quests, and obtaining achievements. New characters and support cards can be obtained through a gacha system using Jewels to purchase rolls. If you want to get enough Uma Musume Pretty Derby Jewels to purchase SSR support card & Characters? You can also buy cheap Uma Musume Pretty Derby Jewels & Gems Top Up/Recharge service at secure marketplace Z2U.com, all prodcuts are available on your IOS & Android for your JP server, no hack, no cheats, 100% safe!
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