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There is a new match type for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

Over the years EA Sports have shown time and time again that the FIFA games are the king of the football games. With each games comes newer features to help make the FIFA games that much better. In this years edition of FIFA, the biggest feature seems to be improving the overall presentation of the game by adding tons of little things. Along with a presentation overhaul, there are some new improvements to goalkeepers, and so much more! Lets see if FIFA 16 can continue to show why it has become the best football game out there.
That said, there are also gameplay improvements, many of them subtle, which makes FIFA 16 a better game than its predecessor. Some of these you will notice immediately, such as the way the players handle the ball - it is more natural, with skilled players having better control while making tighter turns (EA says its FIFA 16 “Player Control”dynamic heightens the responsiveness of player movement, giving athletes more control and personality on the ball). The players’ appearance also is slightly more true-to-life.
It's a change that makes FIFA 16 a better fit for quicker games. The ball zips back and forth a little speedier, the action moving from end to end in a heartbeat. It's thrilling stuff, but EA Canada have also shaken things up in other areas to ensure that speedy players aren't absurdly overpowered. It might be a little easier to skip past defenders with a technically-gifted speedster, but overall it seems that scoring is a little trickier this time around. Crosses in fifa 16 have been nerfed somewhat, as have chipped through balls, and AI defenders will track back and fling themselves in for interceptions and deflections. The flight of the ball is less predictable than it has been in some time, and picking your passes, shots, and their respective types is more crucial than before.
Comparing the two games side by side and based on their gameplay trailer, it seems like PES 2016 got the better of FIFA 16, although further improvements in FIFA 16 is most likely to be made before its official release in September. FIFA 16 release has been confirmed by EA for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC this September, it won’t be released for handheld consoles such as the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS.
“Like I mentioned with simulating the hair, all of the men’s players with long hair now have simulated hair. The changes to the player rig and the render mesh have easily made the appearance of our male players a step above where they were last year. If you put them side to side with last year you’ll see that the male player physiques looks a lot more natural. Plus we can create players who fit outside of the mould like Peter Crouch and Akinfenwa, we can create those players so I feel like it’s a win-win all around.” There’s also a new match type for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team - ‘Friendly Seasons’. With this, you can challenge your friends to a series of matches between your respective FIFA 16 Ultimate Team squads.
Just why it’s taken so long to implement a reliable way of playing your mates online in FIFA 16’s most popular mode is a mystery, but it’s better later than never. Except for some cases, you should define a Buy It Now price always when you put a card on auction. You’d only have something to lose if you had defined a buy now price that is lower than what the buyers were willing to pay. If you had defined an adjusted start price, you just have to increase about 10% to have the BIN we consider ideal. Don’t go below this percentage because you give the buyers the idea that you have defined the start price too high.
After all, this is still the tried and tested template of FIFA 16 at work, even with several engine alterations. Whether or not you actually prefer the faster gameplay, though, there's a definite feeling that playing without the ball isn't as fun as the alternative. Because of some slight tweaks to dribbling, you'll find that even bulkier players can twist and turn with ease, dancing past defenders with just the right control. They won't compare to the likes of Messi, of course, but it won't take much practice before newcomers are breezing through on goal, even without the use of skill moves.
As is the finer control you get over players this year. We've managed to weave Raheem Sterling through a tight Evertonian midfield like the ball was stuck to his feet - only to shank it too far ahead of our on-rushing full back and out of play. It's moments like this that make you simply go "wow" at times.
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