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The War of Genesis: Battle of Antaria has released globally for iOS and Android

Joycity’s The War of Genesis: Battle of Antaria has released globally for iOS and Android. The game was developed with the global audience in mind and many improvements have been made since the game’s soft launch back in May of 2018. Although the game’s foundation is based on War Strategy elements, it feels and looks like an RPG. The blend of both genres presents a gameplay experience fit for all types of playstyles. The War of Genesis is a new take on mobile RPGs.

The game features an extensive cast of heroes with unique abilities, who you will need to recruit in order to retake the continent of Antaria from the armies of Dark Armor. Apart from having features like town-building and airship expansion, the game interestingly also has a custom story mode where you can create your own stories in a chapter format, and share them with other players.

In celebration of the game’s global launch, there will be various events in progress. Cammy, your trusty guide of Antaria, will be helping new users progress through early missions. A level-up event will also be available where you will receive beneficial items such as Airship Shields and 4-Star Gear Boxes for achieving specific levels. Aside from the above, there will be plenty of other events in session that will grant you the opportunity to gain an abundant amount of resources and special heroes to aid your journey through the vast land of Antaria. Furthermore,You can buy cheap The War of Genesis Battle of Antaria Accounts at z2u.com by using the code “Z2U” for a 3% discount.

In The War of Genesis: Battle of Antaria you’ll collect all sorts of different heroes, each with their own strengths and abilities. On top of that, you’ll also be building an army of Machina, which are these giant robots that you can summon into battle if you need a little extra help beating your opponent. Oh, and you’ll be using a really cool steampunk-y airship to serve as your primary command center to tie all these things together. Doing well in game involves building a strategy that takes into account all the different ways you can customize and mix and match your heroes, machina, and airships.

The most unexpected inclusion in The War of Genesis: Battle of Antaria is their custom story mode which allows players to create their own adventures inside of the game. Once you create a custom campaign, you can share it with friends and other players. Joycity is even featuring the best player-created content in monthly rotations, so if you’re not the kind of person who likes making player created content, but enjoy playing it… There will be plenty for you to do here.
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