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The team had announced the release of the new Swarm season in Warface on PC

MY.GAMES and the Warface team are pleased to announce the release of the new Swarm season in Warface on PC.A large-scale seasonal update "Swarm" has been installed on the game servers! You are in for the namesake Special Operation and a new Battle Pass, the maps "Tunnel" (Team Deathmatch), "Yard 2.0" and "District 2.0" (Free for All), the assault rifles SAI GRY LMG and IWI Carmel, the pistols Ruger Mk IV Lite and "Reaper", three weapon series and lots of other interesting novelties.

Central to the new season is the special operation, Swarm. It takes place in a town on the edge of the Mojave Desert, where people have mysteriously begun to disappear. The Warface forces have learned that the Blackwood Corporation had samples of an unknown life form from Martian settlers' ship.

The strange creatures have broken loose and are now a danger to all living things. To combat this threat, the Warface company has dispatched the elite Sigma-3 team. Squad members must guide cargo through enemy territory and defeat the entity that controls the insects. Team coordination is essential to success.

Swarm season features:

    ​New Enemies. Arachnids are fast and dangerous predatory mutant beetles that prefer to hunt in the dark.
    New Boss. The arachnids are controlled by something huge that lurks in the depths of an underground complex. Players will need the most powerful weapons available if they are to deal
    ith this monster.
    New Equipment. A flamethrower with unlimited ammo and an upgradable Unmanned Combat Vehicle.
    3 new maps for PvP multiplayer: The Free for All PvP mode now includes “Yard 2.0” and “District 2.0”, two popular maps from the Plant the Bomb mode. Also included, a brand-new “Tunnel” map for Team Deathmatch mode.
    Updated reward system. Complete the Special Operation to unlock a box with seasonal rewards.

If you have encountered a malfunctioning (blocked) interface and cannot click any buttons, please restart the game client. In case this doesn't work, please delete the game profile folder. If the problem persists, make sure to contact the technical support. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

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