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The new FIFA 16 Trainer has something to teach everyone

Much like in FIFA Ultimate Team, chemistry is important here as well. Go with a formation that allows you to contain all position types. This is because the next step after choosing a formation, is selecting players - and this is dependent on the positions available in your team. You don't want to be stuck in a situation where you have a limited pool of FIFA 16 players to choose from. More players to choose from allows you a higher chance to create a team with better chemistry and links and therefore increased teamwork, aside from well, having a team of individual stars. Before finalising your FIFA 16 FUT Draft team, hover over players and preview each of them using the square or X button (depending if you're on a PlayStation or Xbox console). Doing so will help you gauge which of these potential players are the best for your squad and play style.
The league also offers managers around the world a chance to win signed shirts of Barclays Premiere League clubs throughout the remainder of the 2015-16 football season. Scoring for the EA Sports FIFA 16 Sponsored League began from Gameweek 1 so managers who have been playing this season will enter the league with their current points tally. The tournament will run throughout the seasons, with four pairs of match tickets to be given away to lucky winners after the final Gameweek of each month. Meanwhile, less than a week before the official rollout to the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One of “FIFA 16” last month, game developer EA Sports released the top 10 passers of soccer. The list is actually a major hint to gamers so that they can tap the playmaking players and use their skills to their advantage during the game.

Any half-decent FIFA Ultimate Team player will tell you that team chemistry is easily the most important thing to consider when putting a squad together. You can have Messi, Hazard and Lewandowski in your squad, but if they don't play well together your team will suffer. A player's chemistry depends on those right next to them on the pitch - if two players share the same nationality, play for the same team or play in the same league then they'll play better together. If the chemistry isn't good, expect sloppy passes and general bad luck. Make as many connection lines green as possible and you're on track to success. The position is an important factor when choosing a chemistry style.
While not mandatory, most of the time defensive styles are applied to defenders (Sentinel, Guardian, Gladiator, Backbone and Anchor), attacking styles are applied to forwards (Sniper, Deadeye, Hawk, Marksman and Finisher) and the other styles to the midfielders (Artist, Architect, Powerhouse, Maestro e Engine). The five goalkeepers styles may only be applied to these players. But for all of the new modes, prizes and menu shortcuts, the basics remain very much the same. So if your knowledge of chemistry is confined to that Breaking Bad box set you received last Christmas, here are some tips to help you build a finely-tuned squad.
Chemistry between players is most heavily affected by three main factors, the player’s country of origin, his current active club and the league for which he plays. Depending on the progress of a team, FUT players can choose any of those three factors to build around. For instance, if a FUT squad acquires a gold card player in a pack from the Barclays Premier league, it would be wise to work toward adding more players from this league, ideally ending up with the majority sharing this common attribute. However, things don’t always go according to plan in the fast-paced, ever evolving FIFA Ultimate Team mode. Perfect chemistry can still be achieved through what are known as Hybrid Teams.
The new FIFA Trainer has something to teach everyone. This on-the-fly tutorial, which offers pointers during matches in the form of floating contextual commands above players' heads, has several difficulty tiers. Use the D-pad to cycle through them mid-match, and click the right thumbstick while playing to turn it off and on. I've put about 100 hours in each FIFA game since '09, and the FIFA Trainer still produces plenty of I-did-not-know-thats. For instance, it taught me that pressing Y on Xbox One during a throw-in launches the ball into open space (useful when opponents are marking receivers), and holding RB and pressing lob fires a fast, bobbling pass over outstretched legs.
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