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The difference between FIFA 14 and FIFA 13

In the online matches of FIFA 13, the injured players could play, which means there is not any injury. Why this change appeared may be because some of the FIFA community didn't agree with staying without the players for 5 matches. So the problem is the physios and healing cards are meaningless in this game, but they really exist.

In fact, it should remove the physios and healing cards from this game or have the injuries back. EA should reintroduce the injuries with a shorter downtime. And FIFA 14 has done this. The online injuries will be back in FUT 14 and probably reintroduced with a shorter downtime.

 Have you tried to find the player with a low morale in transfer market? Is there any player with a low morale in your squad? Maybe none. It is clear that the redesigned morale system in FIFA 13 was so uncommon to look for the players with low a low morale. So it is meaningless to have 4 morale categories once there's almost not anyone in them. There's also small bug which will return different morale categories to a same card from search page as well as in the player's Bio. Some people suggest having this morale system fixed to get high dispersion of the morale conditions. In fact, there won't be morale in FIFA 14. It's really a nice method to have this problem solved.

For the Daily Telegraph, FIFA 14 improved gameplay is impressive.
They like the increased control over the ball, and the detailed actions that your player can now execute.
"The combined effect of these changes – and combined is right, as they form an interdependent flow of gameplay – is that FIFA 14 feels more noticeably different to its predecessor than the last two or three games.
"At its best FIFA 14 offers truly exciting final-third action, with considered changes of direction combining effectively with the new ability to hold off challengers and pivot on the ball to make picking passes and angles to break down defences unusually satisfying."

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