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Some Important MapleStory M Captain Career Introduction and Skill Analysis

How about Captain in MapleStory M? The Captain career introduction and skill analysis. Captain in the MapleStory M is a good career, a higher occupation than the archer's injury. The following small series brings you the career introduction and skill analysis of Captain in MapleStory M.
Similar to the shooter's skill, it is not difficult to see that the attack bonus is low from the skill description. It has the same drawbacks as the sharpshooter's storm, and the skill will be interrupted when attacked. It is greatly affected by objective factors, but the single The body output is still very optimistic. Small-scale group high-attack skills, although the continuous damage is not strong, but the utility is higher for the captain, the daily task, leveling, copy efficiency will be greatly improved and a good choice.
As a main output, the only way out is to constantly strengthen your own attack. The skill setting makes the hermit particularly eye-catching on the single strike. The effect of the fake action can be used in the monster group for a short time.

Captain in MapleStory M


A small range of group skills can speed up the pace of the leveling, but there must be some loss, strengthen the group damage, the output of the unit will naturally decline, coupled with the skill adjustment after the taunt effect cancellation, this skill is also greatly reduced.
Compared with the storm and the rain, this set of plus points is bleak and even canceled, but it also has a role as a group skill and a wide range of attacks. Daily tasks, leveling, and copying can all be used. of. If you want to make a high output or give up this set.
Flying Man is the most aggressive attacker in the late game. Moreover, the PvP is the strongest player, and the player likes the professional recommended by PvP. If you have any issues pertaining to wherever and how to use Maple Story M Currency, you can get hold of us at our own web page. However, the biggest disadvantage of Flying Man is that it is very difficult to train before Lv 65, and the upgrade is particularly difficult. When playing Lv 30 before playing monsters.
Only one monster can be played without a group attack technique, which makes the player particularly hard, but after the Lv 60 level, the player can find the highlights of the flying man. Compared with other professions, the speed of playing monsters is also quite high, which can become the strongest PvP, especially the RMB Flying Man.
Have an unparalleled ability to survive, if you like the kind of high blood and anti-thickness, let him practice. Nothing wrong. What do you say about Warrior on MapleStory M? In fact, he has no bright spots. Like other fighters of RPG games, there are stable training elements. Warriors have full-screen attack skills. Players can easily blame, PvP, Boss battles are all not bad.
Very good sense of blow, make you feel very comfortable to use, and the attack is very smooth, if you like the refreshing brush experience, you can consider the pirates.
Pirates really want the Archer profession, but the pirate's attack power is more powerful than the archers. Moreover, the Boss pirate skills are particularly useful, the technical time is also very fast, and the impact is also very good. Later, he became a storm captain. It will become very powerful.
However, because there is no other state attack skill in PvP, one of the weakest occupations of PvP, and there is a lot of drug cost for primary school. If you are a European player, you must recommend it.
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