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Shadow Fight 2 has a nice consistency of style that it plays

An unnamed warrior (it’s you) has risen to the absolute top of the fighting world. He has no peers, and this lack of challenge has made him restless. His search for a fulfilling battle leads to the Gate of Shadows, which he opens against the advice of basically everyone. Seven demons are released into the world, in the process tearing away the warrior’s flesh and blood body, leaving him only a walking shadow. The warrior is now cursed to walk the world as a shadow, defeating the demons he has released in order.

Shadow Fight 2 plays much like a traditional fighting game, only combat is a bit slower and there’s steady character progression. As you beat down other shadows, or even get beat down yourself, you’ll earn money that can be spent on better equipment. Better equipment will give you better odds against tougher opponents, which will in-turn allow you to earn even more money for even better gear.

The fighting sequences feel like they come to life as your character moves in front of the highly detailed backgrounds. The all new animation system is a solid improvement over the old one from the first game.

The all new on-screen touch based controls were designed specifically to work with the gameplay of Shadow Fight 2. Without feeling clunky they provide you with three simple buttons. The D-Pad for movement, and a punch and kick.

There on the game, there are quite good enough positive things about the game while you should generally be suspicious about a game set in feudal Japan that has so much graffiti-stylr fonts in it's menu, the actual game itself has a nice consistency of style that it plays. The most impressive thing about Shadow Fight 2 is the way the developer(s) has created an impulsive and retentive fighting experience using the idea of shadow fighters. They move so normal and fluidly and so languidly that it is incredibly impressive, and battles look like nothing else as it's just a lot fun to play. Fights flow like real martial arts encounters, with differing fighting styles having a real effect on the way the contest goes by the game.

The game’s graphics are very, very good for a mobile port. Character models and backgrounds alike are sharply detailed and attractive. There are a number of different fighting grounds that keep the visuals interesting, which is good because while the character models are ridiculously smoothly animated, they’re all in silhouette. Every. Single. One. You get some cool character portraits in the before-match smack-talk, but once the fight begins everyone is a shadow. At first I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between my character and my opponent, but that fear disappeared pretty quickly. There is an arrow under your fight to let you know where you are, which helps. It just gets visually very boring looking at essentially two of the same character fight after fight after fight.

Even with the occasional control issues and often times frustrating tendency for moves to miss entirely, it’s hard not to recommend Shadow Fight 2. Personally I think it’s worth checking out just for the animations themselves, but there’s also a reasonably entertaining fighter behind them. Just make sure to bring your Zen with you.

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