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Rogue Company,announces the launch of a season 1, accompanied by Kestel

Hi-Rez Studios announces the launch of a season 1, accompanied by Kestel, a brand new character. She is presented as the confounder of the Rogue Company, an organization from which she moved away before returning to face the threat of the Jackals. On the skills and equipment side, Kestrel has two automatic weapons, and can send drones firing missiles. She can also benefit from a passive skill, allowing her to gain an additional bounty for each elimination. Finally, she can use the Supply resource, allowing her to generate a kit from downed enemies.

It doesn't matter whether you play the free title on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch or PC, because the update is available on all platforms. The Rogue Company villains don't stop at the next-gen consoles either. On the PS5 and Xbox Series X and S, the team shooter including the new season can be played for free.

The first battle pass for the Rogue Company arrives together with annual packages, bringing with it the possibility to unlock 50 new cosmetic items, in addition to Scorch Infernal Protocol as a final reward. Players can advance through the pass just by playing or using the in-store.

Some of the available items will be free, such as account amplifiers, which are a new exclusive addition to the battle pass. Whoever purchases the premium pass for 1000 of mercenary money will instantly unlock the Latin Dictator outfit for sniper The Fixer.

Three payment packages from Rogue Company are also on sale:
  •     Mercenary Edition: For $ 24.99 unlock 8 playable mercenaries from last year, plus R-500.
  •     Year 1 Pass: Also for $ 24.99, unlock all 8 mercenaries who will join the game in 2021, as well as R-500.
  •     Definitive Edition: For $ 49.99, it contains both packs and adds an additional R-$ 500, or $ 1,500 in total.

Finally, to ensure a fair and exciting competition, the ranking mode has been divided into categories, in which players are promoted and descended according to their performance. Other improvements in the update are matchmaking matches, party restrictions, and seasonal rewards.

With three packages, beginners of the shooter can secure a few agents and a few rogue bucks. For 25 euros there are either the eight agents of last year and 500 bucks or the eight agents of this year (you will get these as soon as they are published) and also 500 bucks. For 50 euros there is an ultimate package that includes both agent packages and adds an additional 500 Rogue Bucks.

Rogue Company is available for free on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

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