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PSO2 New Genesis will let Players explore an all-new world featuring broad

Sega announced that the latest game in the Phantasy Star Online 2 series, New Genesis, is now available on Xbox and PC.

The New Genesis release basically consists of two parts:

    On the one hand, the old PSO 2 is graphically revised and transferred to a new engine
    On the other hand, completely new content is published that can be played with New Genesis. These take place 1,000 years after the actual story of PSO 2 and graphically look much better

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is available either as an update to existing Phantasy Star Online 2 installations (a massive 79 GB update on Xbox) or as a fresh download for new players. Once installed, the client launches directly into New Genesis, though access to the original Phantasy Star Online 2 will unlock after about half an hour of New Genesis story progression.

PSO2:NGS is the new online action RPG with the sci-fi anime style by SEGA. Players will explore an all-new world featuring broad, expansive playfields filled with ferocious enemies waiting for teams of up to 32. The ability to bring friends to the fight or meet up and make new teammates in large groups (and bring down gigantic monsters together) was a huge draw in closed beta tests earlier this year, and now ALL players will have the chance to experience the mayhem. Redesigned from the top down, the new and improved graphics engine in PSO2:NGS features a next gen graphical update. And it wouldn't be PSO2:NGS without the ability to create any character imaginable using the powerful creation engine; every player will be as unique as they want to be.

To celebrate the release of the game, the Rocket Start Campaign is being held. For a limited time, players can complete quests to earn N-Upgrade Success Rating Boosts, Saturn Earrings, SG Tickets, and more.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis features:
  •         Free to play!
  •         Huge wide-open battlefield environments! Explore an exciting new world featuring broad, expansive playfields filled with ferocious enemies waiting for you and your team. Traverse wide-open environments, speed and soar across the giant landscape and skies with new special abilities. Transitioning into a new area is as simple as walking into it -- no loading screens.
  •         Enhanced character models! Create your identity with any character you can imagine in PSO2:NGS using the powerful creation engine. Adjust every imaginable characteristic to create your one-of-a-kind avatar.
  •         Redesigned graphics engine! Witness lush environments, amazingly detailed player characters, and monstrous foes in razor-sharp resolution. Watch spectacular new lighting and particle effects as weapons clash with armor. See the world as you've never seen it before.
  •         New multi-weapon system and abilities! Combine 2 types of weapons for smoother weapon switching. Battle at lightning speed using a variety of weapons and techniques.
  •         Connects with PSO2! Move easily in-game between PSO2:NGS and PSO2.
  •         Cross-platform! PC and Xbox One players can play together side by side.

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