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New Skill Moves Favoured By Gamers and Required To Add Into FIFA 18

One of the biggest talking points is whether or not EA SPORTS’ new game will include new skill moves.
We pick out five skills we really hope EA puts in FIFA 18 – starting with one of our favourites.

Kerlon’s Seal Dribble

Kerlon was meant to be the ‘Next Big Thing’ but has since fallen by the wayside (word has it he’s now at FC Spartak Trnava).
Still, that didn’t stop his signature Seal Dribble leaving its mark on the game.
The move saw him flick the ball on to his head and run with it – heading it up and down like a seal bouncing a ball.
Sadly, all it did was annoy players – who often resulted in violent tactics to chop down the Brazilian.
Definitely a fun addition, although it would cause a few rage quits in FIFA Ultimate Team.

The Schick Flick

Patrik Schick may be at the start of his career at Juventus but he’s already beginning to make an impact.
One of the 21-year-old’s signature moves is the ‘Schick Flick’, which sees him delicately guide an oncoming ball over an opponent’s head before chasing after it.
Would certainly lead to some spectacular goals.

Goalkeeper Power Punch

OK, not so much a ‘skill’ rather a show of brute strength, but this ‘Power Punch’ could certainly come in handy.
Rather than kick the ball from the area, during a match against Japan, the Syrian goalkeeper decided to punch it, volleyball style, half way down the pitch.
Surprised we don’t see this more often, to be honest.

Jonny Evans Hand Ball Turn

Arguably the most beautiful of the lot.
The West Brom defender puts his FIFA two-star skill rating to spectacular use by first blocking the opposition and then using his hand to roll the ball away from danger.
We’re pretty sure this won’t ever feature in a game. Ever.
But would we like to see it? You betcha.

Phil Neville ‘Step Over’

We are slightly more hopeful this sublime skill from Phil Neville makes the cut.
Remember, you can keep track all of FIFA news in our ‘Everything you need to know about FIFA 18‘ article.
Speaking of which… one of the biggest changes coming to the game this year is the introduction of one-man kick offs.
The change in football laws came into effect at the start of the 2016/17 season, but too late for EA Sports to implement the change into FIFA 17.
Fortunately, they have included the new rule into the game, meaning players will be using the one-man kick-off system in all matches.
Dream Team was given the chance to play the new game, and experienced for ourselves the one-man kick-off format.
We also asked FIFA’s Lead Gameplay Producer Sam Rivera how frustrating it was that football changed the kick-off laws, just days after FIFA 17 had gone to press.
He said: “I remember we talked about whether or not we could get it into the last game, but it was impossible for us to do it.
“It’s a nice addition that you see in real life, how it works is basically we tried to find out which teams were doing one player kick offs and who weren’t, but we couldn’t find find any patterns.
“So we just made it so that if you start the game with a one player kick off, you carry on the whole game with it whenever you take a kick-off.”
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