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Netmarble has decided to launch Blade & Soul Revolution first in Southeast Asia

Blade & Soul: Revolution is the latest big-budget MMORPG to hit mobile. It hails from mobile gaming behemoth Netmarble, and it's now available for both iOS and Android globally. Its store page boasts of it being a "true community MMORPG", delivering large-scale wars between two opposing factions. The competitive faction fights play out in real-time on a vast battlefield, which should at least make for a decent spectacle as 500 players duke it out to claim victory for their side.

Blade & Soul: Revolution was teased for a worldwide release early last year. In March 219, the English version of the logo was released, which raised speculation that the game would be released outside of Korea. Players can choose from four different races: the powerful Gon, ambition Jin, beautiful Yun, or the cute Lyn. The Jin race has a higher intelligence stat than the other races. They feature two job classes: Blade Master and Kung-Fu Master. The Lyn race is composed of Force Masters, which can be either male or females.

One of the benefits of the game is simplistic gameplay. Players can soar through the sky or dash with only two buttons. Netmarble has previously announced the game would contain PvE story content, giant 500 vs 500 battles, and over 150 cinematic scenes. Furthermore,You can buy cheap Blade and Soul Revolution Accounts at z2u.com by using the code “Z2U” for a 3% discount.

Blade & Soul: Revolution is being developed by Netmarble and was recently released in a few countries in Asia as a soft launch. The game is expected to be released in the West at some point, but right now Netmarble hasn't shared any details on its plans for the Western launch of the game. It has said though that it will share more information on a global launch sometime soon. There doesn't seem to be any official confirmation on which Asian countries have access to the game, but it is fact available in Malaysia.

For now, pre-registration is open, and players can already link their Facebook and Google accounts to receive even more goodies. Those who pre-register through either Google Play or the App Store will be able to claim their rewards once the game has launched.The game's official Facebook page, which regularly posts information about the game, is filled in equal measures by gamers from areas where the game is available who are praising it, and those who are disappointed they won't get to play the game yet.
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