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NBA 2K21,how does it fare on PS5?

NBA 2K21 MT Coins Basketball and the world of videogames have a relationship particularly linked to simulation. For more than a decade the battle for the court has been dominated with authority by NBA 2K whose levels of fidelity both visual and playable have made that name a true phenomenon in the West; not only in the United States.

Everything on the court – and everything revolving around it – in NBA 2K21 is a technical marvel. Player models are incredibly detailed - so much so that I would frequently pause the game and watch a replay just to slow things down and appreciate it. Watching players’ expressions change as they contact each other in the air or fight for position off-ball is truly impressive. Even beyond the players the sidelines feel so much more alive and dynamic. After years of watching static (or sometimes non-existent) movement courtside it’s one of the first details I noticed about NBA 2K21. The unfortunate side-effect of all of this realistic glamour is that when things break down like when a player stares blankly into the void at the freethrow line it looks odder than it would otherwise. Still NBA 2K21 is a good representation of what the new set of consoles are capable of graphically.

NBA 2K21

“In a year unlike any other I’m incredibly proud of the team at Visual Concepts for delivering the most authentic immersive and visually stunning NBA 2K game we’ve ever made,” said Greg Thomas president of Visual Concepts. “From the introduction of the completely customizable MyNBA franchise mode to NBA 2K21 MT the expansion of the WNBA experience and even the return of affiliations we developed the details of 2K21 with the express purpose of celebrating our community by giving them the industry’s best sports sim.”

In terms of novelties regarding the game modes the most important introduced by the guys from Visual Concepts is that relating to the new MyNBA which is nothing more than a "merger" of the former MyGM and MyLeague. With regard to WNBA women's basketball however we will find a MyCareer entirely dedicated to women called The W where we will be able to bring an athlete we have created to the top of the league through the full-bodied character editor.

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