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NBA 2K20 is Going to Feature the Entire WNBA

NBA 2K games have been going through a bit of a rough period over the last couple of years with NBA 2K18 being an absolutely abysmal experience, from cheesy gameplay to downright awful microtransactions policies. NBA 2K19 however, managed to rectify most of the issues its predecessor suffered from, but it's still nowhere as good as the legendary NBA 2K11 title, despite all the flashy animations and gorgeous visuals. WNBA teams could be featured in the upcoming NBA 2K game, according to two WNBA stars, A'ja Wilson and Renee Montgomery. Whether NBA 2K20 is going to feature the entire WNBA league or just these stars in select modes, is currently unknown.
But of course, 2K haven't decided to add the badge yet and have merely posed a question as to whether to do so, so we can't blame them just yet. Here's hoping that they listen to the players' feedback and keep the game as it is, at least as far as new badges go. NBA Live has already done this with their version of streetball, so without question, 2K has to at the very least allow females in the PARK. Unless 2K opts for a purely separate WNBA experience, which could be great for the league, I'd think females in PARK has to be included.
Once a player has attained enough experience points to level up, they must pass a test conducted on their MyCourt to earn the upgrade and/or badge. The higher the rating or more valuable the badge, the better the result required to attain the reward. For example, if you're trying to upgrade a 7-footer to a 99 off-the-dribble 3 and Hall-of-Fame Limitless Range, you'll need to sink 99 out of 100 three-point shots. Here is yet another wrinkle to this concept: the testing should only be available two days per week; Testing Tuesdays and Thursdays, perhaps. 2K would take over social media on those days while everyone goes looking to move to the next step.
Outside of its Madden and FIFA titles, video game publisher EA Sports hasn't had much success with NBA Live. Take-Two Interactives 2K Games, on the other hand, is recently climbing up the ranks, especially in the booming esports industry. Essentially, its like comparing apples to oranges. But for the WNBA's sake, which of the two pays bigger dividends?

Hawks forward DeAndre' Bembry fouled Sumner on his game-winning three attempt, negating a clutch three from teammate Taurean Prince on the other end that gave the Hawks a lead with 2.1 seconds left. I was thinking, that's not a bad way to offer feedback to an annual sports video game series like NBA 2K. With NBA 2K20 coming in just seven months, it's not a horrible time to offer some nuggets for this year's game. Because 2K is such a huge game, it's probably wise to break it down by mode. To conclude, I think the game is a must-play for newcomers who are looking for console-level gameplay. If you have NBA 2k18 already and are looking to update to 2K19 now I say just wait for NBA 2K20 that is going to release around the month of September. If you are you looking for more about Cheap NBA 2K20 MT check out our website.
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