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Merge Dragons is a puzzle game with sliding and connection mechanics

Merge Dragons is a game of dragons and strategy. The idea is that the player can merge items to produce bigger and better objects. The player does levels and builds a camp, merging items and, consequently, bringing life back to the world of dragons. Each level also has quests that require the player to think in a way similar to a chess game.

Merge Dragons starts with several easy tutorial levels. The further the player gets in the game, however, the more planning is necessary to earn all three stars. Some quests, such as ones requiring the player to merge items to heal super dead land, will require carefully thought out plans to achieve. This problem solving is similar to the problem solving experienced in chess, where the player plans out their moves several steps in advance. If the player does not do this, they will be unable to finish quests and earn stars, which carry money, materials, and other prizes.

Birthing Dragons is done by merging three eggs. When you create a Dragon, items come from their creation. Dragons are great for healing random pieces of Dead Land. So here’s the process that results from Dragon crafting – merging three eggs gives you a new Dragon, who in turn gives you an item that can be used for further matching and so on and so on. You can double-tap an object to quickly send a dragon to harvest from it or simply destroy it, by the way.

The only way to expand your camp’s territory, and to obtain more space for building stuff, is by gathering enough dragon power. In other words, you will need to hatch and recruit more dragons to your camp before you can remove the dark mist that surrounds your grounds. For this reason, a good investment for when you have some extra money is to get some dragon eggs and hatch them to add more whelps to your roster. Remember to combine at least 5 eggs to double your output of dragonlings!

Pretty much everything in the game can be merged; from dragons, coins and gems, down to the stars you win after beating a goal in a level. Merging always leads to a higher score/grander result, so merge everything you can in the game to see what you can discover and collect! Stay tuned to z2u.com and we will be the first one to inform you all the latest. Besides, our website also offer Cheap Merge Dragons Gems for players.
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