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Meaningful progression in all its forms is the core of WoW Classic

Now the whole "classic" thing isn't exactly new. MMOs have been around for several decades (Ultimate Online existed before nearly all of the popular ones talked about today), so games like EverQuest already have "progression servers," and even Lord of the Rings Online, which launched in 2007, has "legendary servers" similar to WoW Classic. But "Vanilla WoW" really did catapult the whole MMO scene into the stratosphere like no project did before it. That's why it's such a big deal, and players have been clamoring for it for so long, even going as far as to create unofficial servers (which are now mostly extinct or are being hunted down).

WoW Classic is far more than a historical novelty, and the incredible design shines through even today. It may seem odd to play an MMO, a genre that hinges on the constant promise of an evolving future, with an ostensibly finite lifespan as updates take us to where WoW ended before the Burning Crusade, but WoW Classic proves that there’s so much to be experienced in that journey. With WoW Classic available to anyone with a WoW subscription, it’s an adventure worth taking – whether again or for the first time.

This is World of Warcraft almost exactly as it existed back in the day, before a decade of quality of life updates slowly transformed it into the Warcraft of modern times. What World of Warcraft Classic most certainly is not is a portal that leads back to a time when killing 15 boars felt exciting. Just like all those times I dusted off old game disks and installed them hoping for that wonderful hit of nostalgia, Classic didn't deliver—but that doesn't mean I don't like it. In fact, I feel just the opposite.

Everything in Classic is harder, takes longer, and offers less gold, experience, or gear for your efforts. That being said, everything you do feels infinitely more rewarding and gives you far more ownership over your character.

The thing about Classic, even at the admission of its developers, is that re-creating all of those moments is an impossible task. But there is the potential for new journeys, new "quirks" as Blizzard decides what to do with this intriguing new project. I fully expect Classic's relevance to wax and wane, especially when huge events like the opening of Ahn'Qiraj are teed up, or someone's "favorite patch" makes it into the cycle. For now, I can only chronicle my early-going adventures as I trot along to that coveted level 60 cap and start tackling endgame content.

Meaningful progression in all its forms is the core of WoW Classic. Picking up a new blue item can double or triple your efficiency and make you feel like a god. Crafting and professions, which have been relegated to the realm of uselessness in the last decade of modern WoW, are important and essential; every scrap of cloth and every chunk of ore go into creating massive upgrades you show off in the main cities or sell to other players. Spending a day farming cloth to make a 12-slot bag to carry around your stuff is a lengthy-yet-rewarding chore, and winning a boss loot roll in a dungeon can change your reality for hours to come.

For now, it's kept alive by a fan base that's taken a time machine back to the good ol' days, but the rose-tinted glasses can't stay on forever.

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