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MapleStory M Side Scrolling Adventure Mobile Game of Nexon Korea Added New Class

Cygnus Knight has a new career to choose from, including Dawn Warrior, Wind Archer, Night Walker, Blaze Wizard and Thunder Breaker to protect and protect Empress Cygnus and fight against Black Magic to protect justice. With lots of fans from the past, plus eye-catching graphics and fun games, MapleStory M has attracted a lot of gamers.
Associations, exchanges and sales of money Mesos also thanks to that development. This is the main currency in the game and is needed in every activity: from purchasing items to enhancing, upgrading equipment. In particular, a hotly debated topic in the MapleStory M group is the emergence of extremely destructive plundering, involving the entire affected community. MapleStory M has been around for more than 3 million downloads for the past two weeks, showing a great deal of interest from the title that is associated with early-generation.
Blaze Wizard
The Magician of the Cygnus Knights specializes in magic spells. Blaze Wizard is a differentiator from the general magic is that there are a variety of skills to choose. Even the default class. You can enjoy a wide range of skills. And especially the fire element is one of them. So if you want to burn something or someone into a night Blaze Wizard.

MapleStory M Group


Wind Archer
Cygnus Knights Archer by Wind Archer can use the Spirit of the Wind to defeat the enemy in a blink of an eye. Can use bows, arrows and breeze. Expertly With the spirit of the wind. They can control And call a big storm to destroy the enemy in front of it easily.
Thunder Breaker
Pirates of the Sea Equipped with Lightning Gloves that can summon Lightning Shark to strike the enemy. Create a huge combo that only he can do. Who is the line of combos like the skill? Of course.
As of now, MapleStory has surpassed 3 million total downloads. Following the success of this celebration, NEXON immediately launched a series of events to celebrate and grateful to gamers. MapleStory M has five characters, including the Dark Knight, the Pirate, the Dark Lord, the Goddess, and the Bishop, which equates to five types of weapons: guns, guns, claws, bows and wands. If you liked this post and you would like to get even more information concerning Buy Maple Story M Currency kindly check out the web site. In addition, due to the increasing number of female players, the percentage of Bishops choosing to increase, even surpassing the Dark Lord.
Some point out that the farmers are selling at high prices, so lowering to the lower level is reasonable, not to mention the market rules are competitive. It can be seen that trading is the player's agreement, the purchase and sale. It is not welcome to shake hands at prices that hurt buyers. With a role-playing game, locking character creation is a taboo, but it seems MapleStory M is no longer a choice to ensure stability for the server. Therefore, players must find ways to make money from all sources, including the creation of new characters.
Below is the full list of Cygnus Knights Growth Event Rewards:
Level 40 - Settlement Support Box 2
Level 50 - Equipment Growth Support Box 1
Level 60 - Battle Support Box 1
Level 70 - Equipment Growth Support Box 2
Level 80 - Level-up Support Box
Level 85 - Enhancement Support Box 1
Maplers who create a Cygnus Knights character and level up any job during the Cygnus Knights Growth Event will receive special rewards, including the Cygnus Knights chair and mount. In addition, players who create a new account with any character reaching Lv. 3 through 75 will level up by 3 levels during the Burning Level Up Event.
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