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Loop Hero is the watchmaker theory of god, in game form

The game drops you into a confounding setup. The world has ended, and no one quite knows or remembers what happened, or why. A lone hero is stuck traveling in a loop, but you don’t play as them; they operate completely on autopilot, fighting each monster they encounter, until either they die or you direct them to retreat to camp to preserve their collected resources. Each loop they complete will heal a percentage of the damage they’ve taken, and the power of their enemies and the loot they drop also increases with every loop.

It's difficult to pinpoint why so many players have been absorbed by Loop Hero. It's a roguelike dungeon crawler with deck-building mechanics, but also a hands-off auto battler with RPG classes and tile placement puzzle game—enough genre jargon for you? There may be a lot going on, but developer Four Quarters seamlessly fit it all together.

Loop Hero is a Roguelite deck-building game and your task is to piece together memory fragments in an attempt to figure out what is happening to your doomed world. The game plays out on a procedurally generated loop which you get to customise as you journey around. As you make your way around the loop you will be fighting monsters that can drop loot, resources or cards from your deck.

Round and round they go, trapped but resolute, like a greyhound on a malfunctioning racetrack, where someone forgot to turn off the hare and the crowds have long since gone home. Your hero will do this for as long as you let them, or until they die, because with each completed loop the monsters become incrementally tougher.

Troublesome power trips aside, the player's omnipresent role in Loop Hero's is tightly woven into the game both thematically and in its gameplay. In the world of Loop Hero, the characters are in a perpetual state of disorientation after suffering from mass amnesia. The terrain cards you play inspire memories within the hero and run-ins with enemies and landscapes trigger memories of a world before it was swallowed in darkness. They provide little snippets of the past and learning more about the world before this calamity is intriguing.

You’ll also be earning gear as your hero fights to survive, and juggling your loadout is a constant, unending job. Learning about each magical effect takes experimentation, since Loop Hero explains very little. What will this ring with those stats do when paired with this shield? What even is “vampirism,” and could it be good in this context? You have to try different things and find out what works, much like parenting. Using trial and error to learn and figure things out is a great way to explore the world with your children, and it’s almost a mandatory skill to perfect your run in Loop Hero.

So far so good but there are a couple of drawbacks too. The game is very grindny and it can take an age to gather the resources you need to unlock new buildings. I found that this took up most of my time and it feels like the resources required are so high to increase the perceived playtime of the game. My second gripe is that once you find a combination of cards that works for you there is very little incentive to carry on experimenting. I’m sure this aspect can be improved upon as the game gets older and if Devlover decides to add more cards to the game.

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