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Here has some of the tips and tricks that will help you while you play Digimon ReArise

Despite being aimed at a mobile audience, Digimon ReArise is far from being simple thanks to its RPG roots which add multiple layers of complex gameplay to the mix. In this guide, we have compiled some of the tips and tricks that will help you while you play Digimon ReArise.

Alongside building a powerful relationship, you must also complete an assortment of tasks to augment and improve the strength of your Digimon, this must be done to achieve optimal performance and to form the best team possible in Digimon ReArise.

Game Modes

    Raid (Clash Battle)
    Battle Park
    Towerclimb (Underworld)
    Story Event
    Community Raid
    Special Event Raid
    Jijimon Quests

Digimon ReArise has a clan system. Each clan can have a maximum of 40 members. If at least 25 members check in daily, every member ears a Stamina Potion.  Furthermore, every day you can also claim free stamina, double the number of the present clan members, excluding yourself. Thus 40 members would earn you a total of 78 stamina.

These fellow clan members are also helpful during raids and farm events. They can also help you ‘Rub your DigiEggs’. This would make them hatch quicker. Active clans can be found on Discord.

In-Game Currency
    CB Medal
    BP Medal
    Social Point
    Event Currency

Digimon ReArise Digiwalk Guide
Like the original Tamagotchi hybrids that started the Digimon craze, Digimon ReArise lets you nurture a Digimon. Once you hit Act 5, you'll be able to switch out your Partner Digimon and go for walks with it. If you encounter other players out in the real world, you'll unlock items, and potentially other DIgimon, to add to your squad. Your phone has to have a pedometer in order for the feature to work and needs to be allowed access from the Settings menu.

Status Effect
Before heading into a level, you will see a warning that warns you about the spirals at a particular level. These spirals can impose a status effect that is specified in the warning.

The Status Effects can be very harmful in later levels. Here is a list of effects that you may have to deal with in Digimon ReArise:

    Shock / Paralysis / Stun / Sleep stop Digimon from using regular attacks and skills for some turns.
    Freeze captures the affected Digimon in ice. In this state, they are effectively invincible, since they will not be able to do anything or be targeted by anyone unless they’re unfrozen.
    Poison / Burn / Error will cause a Digimon to receive damage over time.
    Skill Lock will lock the main and sub-skills, which will prevent any use. Passive skills won’t be affected.
    Blind stops the use of regular attacks, while it also counters and lessens the accuracy of skills.

How To Raise Your Skill Level
Every Digimon has a main, sub, and passive skill. Out of these 3, only the main skill can be leveled up. Raising the skill level has the effect of increasing the effectiveness of that skill, making it more powerful. Note that the most you can level up a skill is to level 10; this is contingent on the Digimon generation. If your Digimon hasn’t evolved then the maximum cap of their main skill will be lower than 10; you must evolve the Digimon in order to raise the skill level to the max.

Beyond what’s stated above, you can take advantage of a Digimon’s individual traits and use them to your advantage. By taking Digimon belonging to the same evolutionary lineage, you can fuse them together to raise the Base Digimon’s skill level.

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