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Duolingo will add new features, more language courses, a new family plan, and more to the platform

Popular language-learning app Duolingo has just made a bunch of announcements at its annual Duocon conference. The company is adding new features, more language courses, a new family plan, and more to the platform.

Plan included Like an unlimited heart (so you can learn for a long time after making a mistake) and if you miss a day, it is an option to continue the flow of your lessons. Subscribers will not see any ads in the app. New features Included A hub where you can review all your mistakes and more advanced legendary levels to test your language skills.

The family plan costs around $120 per year, but there's no monthly payment option. The standard plan is $80 per year or $13/month. You can add accounts on shared devices with ease and follow your family members to see their progress.

“Language is about connection and bringing people and cultures together. What better way to keep the vibrancy of cultures alive than by making languages accessible to everyone?” said Myra Awodey, senior community manager at Duolingo.

“I’m looking forward to learning Xhosa, our first language that incorporates clicks.”

Duolingo Plus costs $80 a year or $12.99 a month and offers ad-free access to the platform. You also get unlimited hearts, quizzes, and much more. All this will be now available to up to six family members at just $120 a year. With the new Duolingo family plan, subscribers will be able to add five more learners to their accounts. Because “language learning is better together,” the company says. It’s unclear though how existing Duolingo Plus members can upgrade to the family plan which, unfortunately, doesn’t have a monthly payment option.

In addition, Duolingo hopes to make it easier for users to learn languages ​​with non-Latin based alphabets such as Japanese, Korean, Russian, Greek, Arabic and Hindi. The company says it has developed a new kind of practice to help people understand character-based languages.

Meanwhile, five more languages ​​are coming to the app soon: Haitian Creole, Zulu, Xhosa, Tagalog and Mওori. Dulingo has worked on Zulu and Xhosa courses with the South African organization Nalibali.

Duolingo is also working on an app that teaches elementary-level math. The app will harness the same tech the company uses for language learning and it should emerge next year. On top of that, Duolingo is upgrading the BirdBrain AI learning system. It says the AI will create personalized lessons at the correct difficulty level.

The new languages were revealed alongside new updates and changes to the app including Duolingo World, which will use machine learning to build text to speech voices for characters, and updates to Birdbrain AI, the app’s personalised learning system, which will have new features to generate the difficulty level of lessons.

Duolingo is a gamified language teaching service you can use on Android and IOS devices. This service helps you learn the basics of the language and the common phrases that might be used regularly. But this is not all; Duolingo teaches you the grammatical points and lots of practical, useful vocabulary. This application is virtually free, but with a premium Duolingo Account, you can support the makers of the app and get some bonuses at the same time.A Duolingo premium account would cost much less if you decide to buy it from z2u.com. Just enter the z2u.com and go to the Duolingo page. You will see that their prices are even less than what you have to pay on the original website. You will just have to follow some rules carefully. Read the following Frequently Asked Questions on the z2u.com site to know more about these rules.
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