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Digital Extremes showed off the latest update for Warframe with the introduction of Empyrean

Warframe: Empyrean just went live on PC, and it's the most ambitious update for the nearly 7-year-old game yet. Empyrean lets players take their own massive spaceships out on four-player co-op missions that are a bit like Sea of Thieves if you were a gun-toting cyborg ninja: players need to divide their attention between piloting the ship, operating its turrets, repairing the ship, stockpiling resources, and even boarding enemy vessels to hijack them.

Digital Extremes detailed the Empyrean update at TennoCon 2019, revealing how players can take control of the Railjack battleship and initiate in deep space combat. It introduces the new "Intrinsics" feature, offering new RPG progression. The ship, meanwhile, has new upgradeable powers called Avionics, while new components and armaments have also been introduced as part of Empyrean's new upgrade system. If you are in lack of Warframe Platinum, visit our site 5mmo.com, a reliable and cheap online in-game currency store.

Tenno can pilot a Railjack by themselves, but Digital Extremes is stressing cooperation with other players for this update as it takes a lot to manage a ship.In addition to the Empyrean update, Digital Extremes has also launched the Rising Tide update on Xbox One and PS4. This update introduces the Railjack and Dry Dock system in preparation for Empyrean, which will hit consoles at a later date.

Along with Empyrean‘s arrival on PCs today, Digital Extremes also is excited to announce that Warframe Rising Tide is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Tenno can download the update and immediately began researching and building their Dry Docks and Railjacks in preparation for the oncoming confrontation.

Before Empyrean, players on the PC received the Rising Tide update. Rising Tide is now live for players on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This pre-Empyrean update allows players to construct Dry Docks in their dojo along with the rest of their clan. These docks will allow players to research and build their own Railjacks.
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