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Diablo Immortal Immortal is dark and gothic and feels foreboding

Per ScreenRant, Diablo Immortal is not as “terribly exciting” as the upcoming Diablo 4 to longtime Diablo fans. Nevertheless, with many promising mobile games slated for release, it is interesting to see where this mobile MMORPG stands. It might even surprise the non-believers.

While Diablo Immortal is not yet out, Blizzard has dropped news about it here and there. So, in that regard, we have compiled everything you need to know about the upcoming Diablo game for mobile devices.

Immortal is dark and gothic and feels foreboding. There’s a sense of danger and claustrophobia in every environment (which may be due in part to the smaller screens) and the overall style absolutely shines. Where Diablo III had some elements of WoW’s exaggerated, cartoony art style, Diablo Immortal shies away from that in favour of a darker, grungier, more realistic take. Honestly, I’m not sure I’ve seen a mobile game look quite as good as Immortal does. This is merely the icing on the cake since Diablo Immortal plays (almost) flawlessly.

Things are looking positive. This can't be right. What about the gameplay, surely that's going to be pared so far back that it's no longer Diablo? Not really, no. As I've mentioned earlier, you aren't going to find yourself fighting against the same quantity of enemies as in Diablo 3, but this doesn't mean you're going to be having an easy time of it. I've still found myself hacking away at around eight to ten enemies at the same time, looking at the effects of a rare enemy as well as the effects of their special attacks.

Release date
Announced in 2018, the original release date that was set for Diablo Immortal was supposed to be in 2019. It was announced back in February of 2019 that it was “pretty much ready” and that it was going to be released worldwide later that year, even though the people behind the game never really stated an official release date.

Diablo Immortal’s alpha gave players access to four of the game’s six playable classes, however, I only played as the Barbarian. I fully intended to give every class a go but I was enjoying the Barbarian so much I forgot to swap before the alpha ended. Every night I’d get into bed with every intention of going to sleep, only to open Immortal and lose four or five hours in Sanctuary. It may be a mobile title, but it’s every bit a Diablo game as any of the others.

Diablo Immortal is actually enjoyable, except for having to control the game on a touch-screen mobile device. Even in this alpha stage, It feels like a Diablo game. A good one at that. Featuring strong combat and the addictive item-roulette found in all similar games tie perfectly into good character customisation, all in an unmistakably Diablo world and not something pretending to be Diablo.

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