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Blizzard Explains is Banning So Many WoW Classic Players

It has been a month since the release of World of Warcraft Classic and it proved to be a resounding success for Blizzard Entertainment. The remastered base edition of World of Warcraft is popular to the point where players must queue up to face certain bosses.

But the game's launch has not been without its trials. Some players have managed to exploit Blizzard's layering technology (which creates different versions of the same zones in a server to manage player populations) to create endless respawns in certain dungeons for quick levelling, but the company has now issued multiple bans out to those who committed the crime.

A large number of players have already reached the level cap but as expected the game’s release isn’t without its issues. Some of the players are currently exploiting Blizzard’s layering technology that creates versions of the same area on a server to manage the player population. However, many players are using this to create endless spawns in certain dungeons for quick leveling in World of Warcraft Classic.

Some have argued that this is unfair, given that these WoW Classic players were merely making use of a technical issue on Blizzard's part, rather than outright hacking the game itself, but - in a post on the game's forums  - one of the studio's Community Managers explained the decision to issue the bans.

The debate around this topic could go deep as everyone will have their own take of this. But a perma-ban seems a bit harsh for exploiting a system for loot and XP. There needs to be a better solution to the problem.

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