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Blizzard clarified the boundaries of the use of stratified vulnerabilities in the classic World of Warcraft players

Nearly a month on from release, it's been safe to say that World of Warcraft Classic has been a resounding success for Blizzard Entertainment. The remastered vanilla edition of the hit MMORPG is so popular, that players are having to queue up in-game just to kill certain bosses, while many have already hit the max level cap of 60, and are being rewarded for the achievement.

After days of WoW Classic players complaining about layering exploitation, Blizzard has finally set the record straight on where it stands on the matter.

Some have argued that this is unfair, given that these WoW Classic players were merely making use of a technical issue on Blizzard's part, rather than outright hacking the game itself, but - in a post on the game's forums  - one of the studio's Community Managers explained the decision to issue the bans.

wow classic

“The key factor here is intent,” Lore said. “Did the player do something with the specific intention of causing a glitch to occur, and did they do it to exploit said glitch for their own benefit?”

Lore said that players abusing the layering exploit had to do some “very weird stuff” in order for it to occur and then repeat the action. This would be considered punishable, according to Lore, because players were going out of their way to cause the glitch and benefit from it.

The debate around "intent" could suck us into a whole conversation around legal philosophy, but Blizzard's stance on the issue makes sense from a developer's perspective, and also serves as a clear guide for those who may have been thinking about exploiting certain aspects of WoW Classic's antiquities. Play safe, stay safe, folks.

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