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Blizzard and Police Arrest DDW Server Classic WoW Performers

Not long ago one of the famous MMORPG games made by Blizzard, World of Warcraft Classic, was reported to have collapsed because the server of the game had been attacked by DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service).

As a result the players of WoW Classic can not play the game for a few moments. Of course, Blizzard will conduct an investigation to find out the perpetrators who carried out DDoS to his server.

Recently Blizzard together with the police have succeeded in capturing the perpetrators who carried out the DDoS attack. Blizzard himself said that at this time the perpetrators of the attack had been arrested and were no longer a threat to the gaming company from California, the United States.

But Blizzard and also the local police are still reluctant to tell who the perpetrators of the attack. But recently there was a Twitter user who claimed to be the person who carried out the DDoS attack.

Even today the Twitter account of the person who claims to have carried out the attack has disappeared from Twitter. Therefore, many people suspect that Twitter users are indeed the perpetrators who make WoW Classic players annoyed.

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