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Be Careful of Those Madden 19 Rating Fluctuating Players

If EA Sports revise a player’s rating, its price in transfer market in madden 19 will be up or down accordingly. Recently EA Sports make some significant rating update for many players, we pointssale.com list some notable changes for you to adjust your player trade strategy in mut 19.
The list is divided into two parts, the ovr up chart and the ovr down chart. You should pay more attention to latter one to avoid massive loss from trade. While you find no one buy your on sale player cards, check the full list on EA Sports official site whether his rating changed or not. Low down the price of rating nerfed player that you are seeking buyer, and price up the cards got a stats up.
LT – Terron Armstead – New Orleans Saints – OVR 90(+2) – AWR 92
TE – George Kittle – San Francisco 49ers – OVR 91(+2) – AWR 92
FS – Eddie Jackson – Chicago Bears – OVR 91(+3) – AWR 92
LOLB – Dee Ford – Kansas City Chiefs – OVR 87(+2) – AWR 91
DT – Eddie Goldman – Chicago Bears – OVR 85(+3) – STR 88

Madden 19 PhillyInfluencer

Bears safety Eddie Jackson returns an interception against the Packers at Soldier Field. Defensive tackle Bilal Nichols was, per usual, limited during the team’s Friday practice. The Bears are careful with him on Fridays, when they practice indoors. Although he’s injured and could not attend many following arranged matches, EA Sports still think his competence is okay and give him a rate up by 3 overall points. Deon Bush has played well in Jackson’s place, but the Bears’ defense is more formidable with Jackson in it. Jackson didn’t speak with the media Friday. Thursday, he returned to practice after two-and-a-half weeks away, although he was limited. The Bears said he was limited Friday. Chicago Bears once again becomes one of the hottest discussion topic in Madden 19.
DT – Ndamukong Suh – Los Angeles Rams – OVR 89(-4) – STR 98
LT – Trent Williams – Washington Redskins – OVR 91(-3) – AWR 96
Suh has had several incidents over the years that haven't earned him a lot of good will, including stomping on Evan Dietrich-Smith seven years ago and apparently kicking then-Texans quarterback Matt Schaub in the groin in 2012. As his rating go down for 4 points, his price in Madden Ultimate Team may be decreased a lot. The Cardinals' season is now over, but the Rams are playing a game against the 49ers with stakes on Sunday. But a 89 rated players won’t be cheap enough, if you want to Buy Suh or Williams, you can Buy Madden 19 Points from pointssale.com. It’s much cheaper than in-game store.
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