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Basketball Stars is a free-to-play basketball game

Basketball Stars Gold Basketball Stars is a free-to-play basketball game with spectacular 3D graphics available on Google Play and the App Store. Ready to become a basketball star?

basketball stars

The basic game mode of Basketball Stars is a game based on throwing a basket. The quality of this throw is then evaluated by two or three points which are added to the score of the match. Which player has more points after the time limit wins and gets the bet money. The defense game works in a similar way where your opponent blocks you and thus prevents the ball from being thrown into the basket. As part of basketball and defense games you can always choose which environment you want to enter. These environments differ in the entry fee and also in the level of players who play in it. So if you are starting it is not good to bet large amounts because collecting money from scratch is not entirely easy. However over time Basketball Stars Money you will work your way up to more difficult levels. Career then combines both mentioned modes but you can not choose the environment. To proceed to the next point you must meet several conditions and at the same time win the next level. With the acquisition of experience money and various prizes that the game provides the level of your character and thus its skills gradually increases.

As you participate in the games and winning you will receive prizes including more than forty balls and accessories to have more tricks and improve performance.

The game is free and you can play it for a long time without paying. But the equipment and the balls are way too expensive which is a shame. For the rest Basketball Stars is a great basketball game for your smartphone or tablet.

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