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A raft of new mechanics for FIFA 21 next-gen

FUT 21 Coins In a presentation attended by Eurogamer representatives from EA Sports revealed a raft of new mechanics for FIFA 21 next-gen which is a free update for existing owners of FIFA 21 or a standalone $70 purchase due out 4th December. These features are not coming to the PC version of the game (here's EA's explanation for why).

We can’t wait to play the Next-gen version of FIFA 21 on our Next-gen consoles now even more so. We hope that EA Sports will not disappoint and that in addition to graphics Cheap FUT 21 Coins DualSense features etc. gameplay will also benefit from this upgrade and that we will really witness the real football spectacle every time we take the controller in our hands.

fifa 21

FIFA 21 will also feature thousands of authentic chants that were captured exclusively from the world’s top competitions. This will provide the game with delivering the ultimate EA Sports Atmospheric Audio. The Frostbite Engine will help detail player models with muscle movement after strikes and also strand-based hair on some of the big football players. Dynamic lighting will also help bring player’s faces to life. New pre-game cinematics will also showcase buses arriving to the stadium.

On the visuals side FIFA 21 next-gen runs at up to 4K resolution and 60 frames per second and has deferred rendering and runtime lighting which improves the realism of textures including players. Some top players have new strand-based hair tech. Eurogamer was shown Liverpool keeper Alison with this tech enabled and as he moved you could see individual hairs bounce about. It was a bit exaggerated in the way video game hair tech tends to be.

The FIFA 21 Next-gen is coming to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S (the PC version remains the same as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) as a free upgrade (Dual Entitlement if you will) for all FIFA 21 owners next Friday December 4.

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